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Kelty iManagement

The customer experience is the key to our success. Our historical relationships with our business partners, both vendors and customers, will allow us to move into this new world of information management.

Information Management is the new Information Technology. This concept will separate Kelty from our competitors.
Boxes, servers, desktop computers and printers are not the drivers of our success; aligning these tools with our clients’ goals is what will define our success.

Xerox Canada is the market leader in providing leading edge solutions that allow for the movement of information within an organization.

Scanning, copying and print creation along with electronic flow of information are the core competencies that have positioned Xerox as an industry leader. Xerox annually invest over 1B dollars into research and development, this investment ensures they remain a leading edge technology company. Kelty has the experience to incorporate Xerox process and products into your organization to allow you to reach your goals.

Our Products

Kelty is an all-around provider for your office technology needs.
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Kelty specializes in helping your small business run as smoothly as possible.
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